FA FA Twins Betsoft Slot Review

Betsoft has done it again with this anime theme slot game. Two cute twins dance around in this japanese inspired game. It offers many ways to win. FAFA Twins is a 3D inspired game with the effects…

Gladiator 3D Betsoft Slot Game Review

In the age of the Roman Empire Gladiators were the heroes of that time. It was a very known fact that there were heroes as well as villains that made up the Gladiator Armies. In this fun filled slot…

Black Gold Betsoft Slot Review

This slot game is based in the Wild West on the middle of the desert. Mr. Cowboy Ol’Bill and his companion Trusty his Horse roam around in search of oil. Oil rigs surround the desert and Bill is…

Madder Scientist Betsoft 3D Slot Review

Madder Scientist is an upgrade of the original Mad Scientist. In this awesome slot the 3D effects brings the crazy scientist to life in a very unique way. He is crazier than ever and his experiments…

Sushi Bar Betsoft Slot Review

As they say sometimes you have to step outside of the box. In this Japanese Themed slot game Betsoft brings a different kind of game. Although this game does not offer the usual trendy graphics or 3D…

Pharaoh King Betsoft 5 + Reel Slot Review

In this Egyptian based slot game you will experience Ancient Egypt. Pyramids which are a staple of the culture come to life and so do the Mummies and Antique Treasures of Egypt. It offers you a…

Rockstar Betsoft 3D Slot Review

A true gem, Rockstar lets you rock-out with Motley Crue lookalikes as you live your dream of super stardom whilst trying to win a few pennies in the process.

Enchanted 3D Betsoft Slot Review

In this mesmerizing city full of stardust and magical neon lights.Fairies and ogres live as friends. Wizards grant wishes and make the city come to life. It’s a far away world which comes to life in…

2 Million B.C. Betsoft 3D Slot Review

In our modern world, we often forget about our ancestors. In this 3D slot game, you are taken back to the World of the Caveman. The 3D graphics are so bright and real. Caveman meets Diamonds in this…

Aztec Treasure Betsoft Progressive Slot Review

In this great progressive slot game you are led into a world of the Aztecs. It takes you back to the ancestors of the tribe. This tribe is led by an Aztec Tribal Chief.