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10:59pm Jesusinspirit: I am a fan of the FAFA Twins too.
11:15pm fafa twins
4:06pm pokoracle: Ready to make some many on my bets with my friends.
4:05pm pokoracle: Yes I am Brandon.
4:05pm Brandon0888: Ready for the games?
4:05pm Brandon0888: Hey Pok how are you doing?
4:03pm pokoracle: Good day guys
12:26am robby12: Got it Vlade.
8:41pm vlade.mikas: I have posted an NBA playoffs article guys. Let's get some feedback going.
4:56pm pokerman: Which one are talking about akkarachijo?
9:49pm akkarachaijo: Great one to play. Many freespins are offered as you play along.
4:31pm akkarachaijo: how you
5:22pm rebel D: Hi everyone. Hope you guys are enjoying the March Madness. It has had some awesome games.
11:21pm Hi shafik
4:08pm shafik aiman: 200
7:03pm Prince: March basketball coming up
7:03pm Prince: Hi guys
5:47pm marvelous: Hi guys, good luck with the picks today!
9:11pm MakeItRain: It was a great game for sure.
7:46pm slayer: It will be a great SB rematch.
5:08am Hope we have a good one
5:08am Excited about the big game
5:13pm marvelous: Patriots take their 6th under brady and belichek for the win!
10:24pm New England ftw
4:58pm tony.martinez: Great Saturday games, looking for more of the same
6:27pm Stryker: Hey Pok Happy New Year. Ready for the SB. The NFL season flew by us.
3:19pm pokoracle: HI guys! Happy New Year to all..
1:11am Jesusinspirit: Alabama vs Clemson was a great game.
2:36am tony.martinez: Those kids played their hearts out
2:36am tony.martinez: Wow what an ending to the Oklahoma Georgia game
1:34am tony.martinez: Some great games today
4:39pm vlade.mikas: But no doubt the big 3 will be the best
4:38pm vlade.mikas: This time of year is great with games literally everyday
4:46pm slayer: Really looking forward to it myself Steve. College footbal is a favorite
6:07am Great games Jan 1!
7:47pm pokerman: THe Bowls are happening so that is good college football.
7:46pm Jesusinspirit: It will be a great game. Falcons need to lose in order for the Cowboys to still be in.
7:46pm Messi: Saints vs Falcons will be great!
3:34pm vlade.mikas: missing college football saturday
10:47pm tony.martinez: Some good games this weekend guys
3:11pm gamer1: Good day all.
9:27pm tan.vào-nhau: 1 CHIP RAKE =
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2:32pm Steelers with a big win last night
4:13pm tony.martinez: New England continues to roll and cover each week. Keep that in mind guys.
6:08pm gamer1: Great game tonight for sure. Cowboys have been slacking
3:22pm tony.martinez: Football today
12:28am Prince: Happy Holidays to all.
8:32pm sampalaugila: Love it
3:17am slayer: Happy Holidays to All.
6:11pm Vikings really digging in early in this game.
12:48am jjlove: Cowboys had no chance against the Eagles.
7:02pm I like the eagles big
7:01pm Yeah tony that line seems a bit srange
8:17pm tony.martinez: Eagles to roll the cowboys
5:14am Dzakira: Mcm mna nk cuci
3:42pm tony.martinez: Excellent games on tap today
6:27pm vlade.mikas: Looking forward to the possible world series
2:22pm vlade.mikas: Poor performance by cam. Very disappointed in him.
11:15pm lol
11:15pm They got the impossible done and Giradi keeps job!
11:15pm How about them yankees
3:30pm vlade.mikas: Great game tonight. Hope to see Cam end the Chiefs undefeated run.
10:00pm slayer: It was Odell is out for the year from what I read poor guy. Julio Jones might be back this coming weekend against the Dolphins
12:32am tony.martinez: Out with a broken ankle
12:32am tony.martinez: Terrible injury for obj
3:20pm tony.martinez: The dallas green bay game was an instant classic
3:19pm tony.martinez: What a great weekend of football
2:24pm pokerman: Same to you Gamer.
2:23pm gamer1: Happy Hump Day you all.
3:49pm pokoracle: It was a good one yesterday for sure.
2:57pm tony.martinez: Wow what a Monday night cover
11:17pm vlade.mikas: Seattle too big a spread
11:17pm vlade.mikas: Couldn't get it done
11:16pm vlade.mikas: Jacksonville
11:16pm vlade.mikas: Great day of games
11:58pm Messi: Hi there
2:34am Horny_Negro: anyone want to play poker?
2:33am Horny_Negro: hi bitches
6:22pm Messi: Looking forward to another exciting week of football
6:06pm pokerman: Same to you.
6:05pm gamer1: Happy Friday to all.
4:24pm rebel D: Thanks you too.
4:23pm pokerman: day.
4:23pm pokerman: Have a Happy Hump d
1:16am slayer: Doing great Dubby!
1:16am dubbydubdub: How are you Slayer?
1:15am slayer: Hi there everyone
1:14am dubbydubdub: Hi there everyone
4:15am tony.martinez: Nice to meet you too.
8:31pm hoàng.rin: va ca hon the nua
7:48am ghafar: nice to meet u all
3:37pm rebel D: Hello you all. Hope everyone is doing great!
1:50pm jjlove: Happy Friday to all.
1:50pm jjlove: Hey guys
12:29pm Prince: It sure was.
12:29pm pokerman: The game was good last night for sure.
12:29pm pokerman: Happy Friday to you too Prince.
12:26pm Prince: Happy Friday to all.
10:31am tony.martinez: Week 1 NFL it's almost time
2:23pm vlade.mikas: Tot he start of another week
3:17pm Messi: Hey guys. Good day!
1:15pm dubbydubdub: I am thanks!
1:14pm Stryker: Hey Dubby hope your doing good.
1:06pm dubbydubdub: Good morning People.
3:50pm MakeItRain: Happy Hump Day people!
12:41pm Stryker: Dak can certainly take them far.
12:41pm dubbydubdub: I am hoping my Cowboys go far this year.
12:41pm Stryker: Same here bud.
12:41pm dubbydubdub: Good thanks Stryker. Ready for football season to start.
12:40pm Stryker: Hey dubby how are you?
12:40pm dubbydubdub: Good morning!
12:39pm Playbetr: Good morning guys! Happy Tuesday.
6:23pm Prince: Hey Tony its Thursday looking forward to another great weekend.
6:23pm Prince: Hey guys hope all is going good. Have a great day you all.
1:55pm tony.martinez: Hi Slayer looking forward to another great day
1:16am slayer: Hey everyone!
6:51pm MrMiyagi: Hello there everyone. Happy Tuesday!
2:05pm Prince: Happy Tuesday!
11:43pm rebel D: Same here.
11:43pm jjlove: Ready for NFL to start.
11:43pm jjlove: Good thanks for asking.
11:42pm rebel D: How are you Jlove?
11:42pm rebel D: Hey there
11:42pm jjlove: Hi there guys!
6:08pm pokerman: You too Sir.
6:08pm MrMiyagi: Happy Monday
6:08pm MrMiyagi: Hey there
6:08pm pokerman: Hi there guys
5:22pm pokerman: Same to you dubby.
5:22pm pokerman: Hey there
3:09pm dubbydubdub: Happy Hump day you all.
12:02pm gamer1: Good day to all.
3:57pm gamer1: Happy Tuesday.
12:19pm gamer1: You too Rebel
12:18pm rebel D: Hey Gamer Happy Monday.
11:56am gamer1: Hello everyone.
3:16pm pokerman: Howdy Pok! Yes TGIF
2:51pm pokoracle: TGIF people
3:51pm Jesusinspirit: Hello everyone
9:30pm dubbydubdub: Good day all.
1:19pm slayer: Hey Rebel
12:50pm rebel D: Good morning!
5:26pm Stryker: Hey MakeitRain I will join you there.
5:24pm MakeItRain: Ready for some table action.
5:23pm MakeItRain: Hey guys
10:22pm pokoracle: Happy Monday
10:22pm pokoracle: Hey guys
3:30pm gamer1: Happy Friday to all.
3:29pm gamer1: Hey guys.
3:29pm pokoracle: Hi there Make it Rain. Thanks you have a great Friday too.
3:28pm MakeItRain: Tgif!
2:40pm tony.martinez: Good luck today boys
2:13pm Prince: Thanks I will.
2:13pm slayer: Join me in the low stake tables.
2:13pm slayer: Hey Prince happy Wednesday to you too.
2:12pm Prince: Happy Hump Day!
10:15pm slayer: Thanks Buddy.
10:15pm dubbydubdub: Happy 4th of July.
10:15pm dubbydubdub: Hey there people
8:26pm rebel D: Happy Monday!
8:26pm rebel D: Hey guys
4:19pm pokerman: Thanks Vlade for your picks.
4:19pm pokerman: I agree pokoracle.
4:18pm pokoracle: I agree the Rangers vs Red sox will be a good one
5:54pm vlade.mikas: Check my pick guys
5:53pm vlade.mikas: Would love to use some ripple
9:21pm Prince: Interesting insght
2:13pm NoChill: +237 Texas.
2:13pm NoChill: Guys the value in the Texas game today is tremendous
11:41am jjlove: ready for you guys
11:40am pokerman: Cool.
11:40am Jesusinspirit: Will be in the tables in a bit.
11:40am Jesusinspirit: Have a great day today.
11:40am Jesusinspirit: Hi guys
11:17am jjlove: Thanks Pokerman.
11:16am pokerman: Hey there jlove, good day!
11:15am jjlove: Good day all.
9:10pm MakeItRain: Be there in a few minutes
9:09pm pokoracle: I am waiting for you guys to join me in the tables.
3:15pm slayer: I'm there already.
3:15pm gamer1: Thanks. Join me in the tables.
3:15pm slayer: Good day gamer.
3:15pm gamer1: Hello People
12:39am Prince: Hi all.
5:34pm Stryker: I will join you in a bit.
5:34pm rebel D: Just here enjoying my day off playing some low stake games.
5:34pm Stryker: Whats up REbel
5:33pm rebel D: Hello guys
11:36am pokoracle: Hey Jesus same to you.
11:36am Jesusinspirit: Good day all.
3:13pm Prince: I will for sure
3:13pm pokoracle: Join me in the table games Prince.
3:06pm Prince: Good thanks for asking
3:06pm pokoracle: Hey Prince how are you doing?
3:04pm Prince: Hi guys
7:20pm Stryker: Not much
7:20pm jjlove: Whats up Stryker
7:20pm Stryker: Hey guys!
1:44pm Prince: I sure am.
1:44pm MakeItRain: Doing good sir. I am ready for some table games are you?
1:43pm Prince: Hey Make it Rain how are you?
1:43pm MakeItRain: Hi there Prince
12:53pm Prince: Morning you all.
12:48pm pokerman: Hi there guys
8:45pm slayer: Ready for some table action.
8:44pm slayer: Hey guys.
6:30pm Stryker: The MLB has so many games a day its crazy to keep up
6:29pm Stryker: Hey there guys
4:50pm marvelous: Let's stay on these baseball picks. Collectively we can turn this around.
4:50pm marvelous: Take a look at the Oakland game, some great value.
1:54pm dubbydubdub: Hi all! Happy Tuesday!
11:03am pokoracle: I will.
11:03am slayer: Hey Pok! Join me in the low stake tables.
11:02am pokoracle: Good morning everyone
12:56am MakeItRain: Hello everyone.
12:27am pokoracle: Hi there guys
9:39pm Jesusinspirit: Hi guys
6:33pm jjlove: Hi there Messi. See you there.
6:10pm Messi: Hey guys. Join me in the low stake tables.
3:34pm Stryker: Doing good Slayer
3:34pm slayer: Strkyer how are you man
3:34pm Stryker: Hello people
5:43pm Messi: Hello everyone
5:06pm Prince: Hey guys
5:30pm pokerman: Hi guys
5:29pm slayer: It sure is.
5:29pm Messi: TGIF
5:29pm Messi: Hey Slayer.
5:29pm slayer: Join me in the low stake tables.
5:20pm slayer: Hi guys
11:40pm jjlove: I am liking the Yankees this year alot
11:39pm jjlove: Baseball season is in full swing.
11:39pm jjlove: Hey guys
5:59pm dubbydubdub: Good day to all too.
5:59pm dubbydubdub: Hey guys
4:15pm Prince: Hey Brandon
4:15pm Brandon0888: Good day you all.
4:27am marvelous: US Open golf tournament kicks off tomorrow and really not excited about it without MIckelson.
2:15am MakeItRain: Hey Messi
2:14am Messi: Hi guys
2:14am Messi: Hey guys
2:43pm slayer: Hello people
1:10pm rebel D: Hi there Pokerman
1:10pm pokerman: Good morning Rebel
1:08pm rebel D: Hello everyone
9:29pm pokoracle: Hello you all.
5:24pm Stryker: I am thanks Jesus.
5:23pm Jesusinspirit: Hope everyone is doing great.
5:23pm Jesusinspirit: Hi guys
5:20pm NoChill: I will soon
5:20pm Stryker: Join me in the tables.
5:19pm Stryker: *hello
5:19pm Stryker: Helly people
8:58pm Prince: Hey guys
8:51pm NoChill: Just having a good Monday
6:23pm slayer: Howdy guys
3:22pm gamer1: Sure am buddy!
3:22pm rebel D: Ready for a great week?
3:22pm rebel D: Hey gamer
3:19pm gamer1: Happy Monday
3:19pm gamer1: Hello guys
5:11pm Prince: It was a great game
4:47pm MrMiyagi: I am Sir
3:26pm Brandon0888: Ready for some table action?
3:25pm Brandon0888: Hi Mr Miyagi
3:23pm MrMiyagi: Morning people
6:26pm gamer1: We will see you there.
6:26pm slayer: Will see you in the tables.
6:26pm slayer: Good day guys
4:20pm MakeItRain: I am still hoping for a win by the Cavs
4:19pm slayer: Lets hope it continues.
4:16pm gamer1: Hopefully one more day.
4:16pm gamer1: I hope not.
1:49pm marvelous: The NBA season ends today
6:03pm slayer: Hey guys!
5:16pm dubbydubdub: Hi there guys. Happy Thursday!
2:10pm Brandon0888: Hi there guys
1:10pm Messi: Hello everyone.
1:09pm Prince: Sure was.
1:09pm pokerman: It was a great game right?
1:09pm pokerman: Hi Prince
1:09pm Prince: Good morning guys
12:13am rebel D: Not much just here playing some table games. Waiting for the game to start
12:13am jjlove: Whats up guys!
4:48pm junglefever: I will be in the tables guys
4:34pm junglefever: Happy Hump day!
4:34pm pokoracle: Hey gamer
4:34pm gamer1: Hi guys.
6:05pm pokoracle: What up guys. I will be in the tables too.
6:00pm rebel D: I will be in a few minutes
5:59pm NoChill: Are you in the tables now?
5:59pm NoChill: Whats up Rebel
5:59pm rebel D: Hi there
5:59pm NoChill: Good day guys
11:55pm Brandon0888: Evening folks.
11:53pm Jesusinspirit: Hello guys.
9:41pm slayer: hey guys
7:24pm MakeItRain: Hey Prince
7:23pm Prince: Good day to all.
7:23pm Prince: Hi guys
4:05pm MakeItRain: Hello fellows and gals
4:03pm gamer1: Thanks
4:03pm gamer1: Hey Stryker.
4:02pm Stryker: Happy Monday you all.
11:40pm MrMiyagi: Cool.
11:40pm NoChill: I sure am Mr. M
11:40pm MrMiyagi: Hello guys are you ready for the game tonight?
7:29pm Brandon0888: Cool!
7:28pm slayer: I am getting there as we speak sir.
7:28pm Brandon0888: Join me in the tables guys.
7:10pm slayer: Happy Sunday!
3:19pm Prince: Ready for a good game tonight?
3:19pm Prince: Guys how is your Sunday.
3:18pm Prince: Whats up Messi
3:18pm Messi: Hello guys
12:57am A favorite of min too tim
3:33pm tim.noel: Clayton is my favorite pitcher
3:32pm tim.noel: good article dustan
1:59am dustan.copeland: What's up, Miyagi?
7:56pm MrMiyagi: Hi guys
7:56pm pokoracle: Hi there Styker
7:56pm Stryker: Hey Pokoracle
7:55pm pokoracle: Hi guys
5:36pm MrMiyagi: Join me in the tables guys.
4:43pm Prince: Sure is.
4:43pm Brandon0888: TGIF
4:43pm Brandon0888: Hey guys
4:42pm gamer1: Doing good thanks Prince
4:42pm Prince: How are you gamer1
4:42pm gamer1: Hi guys
7:48pm rebel D: Sure am.
7:48pm NoBluffin: Doing good buddy ready for some table action?
7:47pm rebel D: Hey NoBluffin how are you?
7:46pm NoBluffin: Go Warriors!
2:00pm Jesusinspirit: Same to you Pokoracle
2:00pm gamer1: Hey Pok
1:59pm pokoracle: Good day guys
12:16am jjlove: Good evenng folks
8:28pm pokerman: Hey there Make it
8:28pm MakeItRain: Hi guys
4:25pm pokoracle: Hey Brandon same to you.
4:24pm Brandon0888: Happy Hump day!
4:24pm Brandon0888: Hi guys
4:12pm slayer: Just here hanging out and playing.
4:12pm slayer: Doing good.
4:11pm MrMiyagi: How are you?
4:11pm MrMiyagi: Hey Slayer
4:11pm slayer: Hey Mr M
4:10pm MrMiyagi: Hi guys
11:19pm pokoracle: Just hanging out playing some games.
11:19pm pokoracle: Hello there Messi
11:18pm Messi: Whats up pokoracle
11:18pm Messi: Hi there
10:44pm pokoracle: Hey there guys
8:39pm pokerman: Cool.
8:39pm MakeItRain: I will join you in like 5 minutes.
8:38pm MakeItRain: Hey pokerman
8:37pm rebel D: Playing some low stake tables.
8:37pm rebel D: Doing great thanks!
8:36pm pokerman: How you doing rebel?
8:36pm rebel D: Hey bud
8:36pm pokerman: Hey guys.
5:37pm MakeItRain: Hi there Prince. See you in a bit at the tables.
5:19pm Prince: Hey guys. Hope all is good. Hope everyone had a great memorial day.
5:12pm rebel D: Hi guys. I am in the tables join me.
2:27pm slayer: I am with you bud.
2:27pm Brandon0888: I will be playing low stakes join me guys
2:00pm slayer: Game time.
2:00pm slayer: Hey gamer!
2:00pm gamer1: Good morning guys
3:39pm tim.noel: Another day on the tables
3:51pm MakeItRain: Cool I will be waiting.
3:50pm gamer1: I am for sure I will be in low stake tables in a bit.
3:50pm MakeItRain: Hey guys ready for some table action?
3:50pm dubbydubdub: Thanks!
3:49pm gamer1: Hey dubby, good day to you too.
3:49pm dubbydubdub: Good day guys!
7:48pm rebel D: I will for sure.
7:48pm Prince: Yep it is Rebel. Join me in the tables.
7:47pm rebel D: It is a good friday.
7:47pm rebel D: Hey Prince
7:47pm Prince: TGIF
4:40pm Messi: Hey Stryker
4:37pm Stryker: Hi guys
7:01pm NoChill: Hey Make it.
7:00pm MakeItRain: Hi there Chill
7:00pm NoChill: Good Thursday Guys!
3:53pm pokoracle: Thanks Bud same to you.
3:53pm rebel D: Happy Thursday!
3:53pm rebel D: Hi Pokoracle.
3:52pm pokoracle: Hello guys.
3:52pm pokerman: Cool.
3:51pm rebel D: Yes I am .
3:51pm pokerman: Are you ready for some table action?
3:51pm rebel D: Thanks! How about you?
3:51pm rebel D: Doing great,
3:51pm pokerman: How are you.
3:51pm pokerman: Hey REbel
3:50pm rebel D: Hello guys
2:55pm Brandon0888: Its my Friday today.
2:54pm Brandon0888: Hey guys
2:51pm Prince: You too.
2:51pm pokerman: Hey Prince. Happy Thursday.
2:50pm Prince: Morning guys!
3:40am junglefever: Its going good.
3:40am junglefever: Hi there guys
3:39am Stryker: Its going.
3:39am dubbydubdub: How is it going?
3:39am dubbydubdub: Hey Stryker
3:38am Stryker: Hello everyone.
12:32am MrMiyagi: Cool.
12:32am Stryker: Just been busy but I am ready for some table action.
12:32am MrMiyagi: Have not seen you around
12:32am MrMiyagi: Hey Stryker
12:31am Stryker: Hello people
9:28pm gamer1: Hi guys. Hope everyone is doing good.
8:49pm MrMiyagi: Hope to see you there.
8:49pm slayer: I am still at work but will be there soon.
8:49pm MrMiyagi: Are you in the tables?
8:49pm MrMiyagi: Slayer doing great I hope you are too.
8:49pm slayer: Mr M how are you?
8:48pm MrMiyagi: Hey Messi join me in the low stake tables.
7:06pm Messi: Hello everyone
5:04pm slayer: HEy Prince
5:03pm Prince: Hello guys!
2:52pm vlade.mikas: Celtics had a chance but Cavs just too strong
1:52am MakeItRain: Hey Prince
1:51am Prince: Hi there guys
11:04pm pokoracle: Hey Jjlove whats up
11:02pm jjlove: Hello Stryker
7:10pm Stryker: Hi guys.
5:12pm dubbydubdub: Hi there guys
4:16pm dustan.copeland: Brandon, I agree. LeBron won't play that bad two games in a row.
1:29pm Jesusinspirit: Good day guys.
1:27pm Brandon0888: Its a for sure thing for the Cavs and Golden State unless The Celtics pull a miracle
1:26pm Brandon0888: Hey Tony good to see you too.
1:23pm tony.martinez: Good to see you guys
1:22pm pokerman: Good morning guys.
1:22pm pokerman: Hi Brandon
1:21pm tony.martinez: Hello
1:20pm Brandon0888: Hello guys
9:35pm gamer1: ONly a few hours away until the sweep
3:10pm vlade.mikas: That's more managable
3:10pm vlade.mikas: 12 for the Warriors at San Antonio
3:10pm vlade.mikas: 17 point spread is just too high for an NBA game
8:57pm rebel D: I will for sure.
8:57pm slayer: Hey Reb. Join me in the low stake tables.
8:57pm rebel D: Hi Slayer
8:56pm slayer: Hey Prince
5:17pm Prince: Happy Tuesday.
7:47pm junglefever: Hey there
7:46pm pokerman: Happy Monday
5:51pm Prince: Hi guys
5:51pm pokoracle: Same to you Jungle
5:51pm junglefever: Happy Monday!
5:30pm pokoracle: Hey guys
5:19pm Prince: Good day.
11:01pm Prince: Happy Sunday
11:01pm Prince: Hi guys.
10:41pm slayer: it was a good game to watch.
10:41pm slayer: Hi there guys
8:13pm marvelous: I must say it's looking good for me as I went heavy on the spurs
8:07pm dustan.copeland: Man, the Spurs are running away with this game so far.
7:52pm marvelous: Agreed
7:40pm dustan.copeland: I swear, Zaza flops more than an MLS star.
4:00pm Brandon0888: Good day Guys
4:00pm Brandon0888: Chiliing.
4:00pm Brandon0888: Whats up
4:00pm dubbydubdub: You too Poker.
4:00pm pokerman: Happy Sunday Bud
4:00pm pokerman: HEy Dub
4:00pm dubbydubdub: HEy there
3:58pm pokerman: Hi guys
6:26pm rebel D: Yes TGIF
6:26pm NoChill: For sure.
6:26pm gamer1: TGIF
6:26pm NoChill: Whats up REbel
6:26pm rebel D: Hi guys
11:50pm Brandon0888: Ready for the game too.
11:50pm Brandon0888: Hi guys.
9:15pm rebel D: Good day guys
8:17pm Messi: Same to you.
8:17pm MakeItRain: Happy Thursday.
8:08pm Prince: Hey Jlove
7:44pm jjlove: Whats up
5:35pm Stryker: I will in a bit
5:35pm Messi: Join me in the tables.
5:34pm Prince: Hey there Messi
5:34pm Messi: Hello guys
5:34pm Stryker: Good day to you too.
5:34pm Stryker: Hey there
5:13pm Prince: Good day guys!
6:25pm Prince: Good for you.
6:24pm slayer: I am off today so catching up with my skills. lol
6:24pm Prince: I have missed you in the tables
6:24pm Prince: Slayer have not seeing you around lately
6:23pm slayer: Hey Prince
6:23pm Prince: Hi guys.
5:10pm slayer: I will bud, I am off from work today
5:10pm pokerman: Join me in the low stake tables.