Football has many positions to fill out. In the world of the NFL you have to prove to be the best out in the league. Players come and go but most don’t leave a legacy behind. It’s only a few that make a big name for themselves.

by Playbetr on Oct 23, 2017

Football has many positions to fill out. In the world of the NFL you have to prove to be the best out in the league. Players come and go but most don’t leave a legacy behind. It’s only a few that make a big name for themselves. Other times they can be very good but their names never fully get out there. Some on the other hand dominate the world with endorsements that make their football career flourish. Here we have the list of the top tight ends only one name is really very big. He comes out of the New England Patriots Team and he is known as The Gronk his full name is Rob Gronkowski. He is big in the NFL and very few players accumulate a status such as his.

5. Tyler Eifert/ Cincinnati Bengals

His career started five years ago. He has been prone to an ankle injury that has left him out of many games. When he plays though he takes command of his position. His position in the offense has made him one of the greatest out there. He has yet to play a full season but he has managed to score 18 touchdowns the most of any tight end in the 2016 season. He also had 29 catches with 394 yards that is very impressive for a player that has missed many games throughout the last two seasons.

4. Greg Olsen/ Carolina Panthers

Olsen has been playing with the Panthers for six seasons now. He has never missed a game. In the past 3 years he has been determined and has average 1,000 yards per season. In 2016 he had 1.073 yards with 80 catches and 3 touchdowns. He has had a drop off in touchdowns as in previous years he used to average at least 5 TD’s per season. Since he started playing as a rookie in 2007 he has never missed a game. That is the reason is considered one of the best.

3. Travis Kelce/ Kansas City Chiefs

In the three season that Kelce has been with the Chiefs he has not missed one game. He has his best year in 2016 as a tight end. His best career year has earned him a spot in the best of the best tight ends. His high stats include 85 catches with 1,125 yards. He had a remarkable 4 touchdowns which is a lot for his position. At 6-5 and 260 pounds this big man is great at what he does and his future can only get better.

2. Jordan Reeds/ Washington Redskins

Jordan Reeds has missed many games because of injuries. He has been playing in the NFL for 4 years now. In 2016 he missed four games due to a concussion and and shoulder injury. In spite of his injuries he still managed to score six touchdowns. His yards were not bad for not playing all season he came up with 686 yards and 66 catches. Kirk Cousins and Reeds make a great duo combining both of their skills and giving the Redskins many wins. Reeds is now at his prime and healthy making him Cousins go to player in the red zone.

1. Rob Gronkowski/ New England Patriots

He is known as the Gronk all over the world. He has become one of the most recognized players in the NFL. Even though in 2016 he only played 8 games due to a back injury surgery he still came out on top. Rob is just one of those players that knows how to play the game well. In the 8 games that he did play he managed to get 540 yards with 25 catches. He also scored with three touchdowns. In the last five seasons Gronkowski has missed at least one game but the 6-6, 265 pounder is not ready to stop yet. His future is bright in the NFL and the Patriots intend to keep him around for a long time.


Tight ends are usually big men with a lot of power on their side. On the field they play both roles of offensive linemen and wide receivers. It is a very complicated position and only a few players can be play this unique position. It takes a lot of players to make a football team but in the NFL Tight Ends definitely make up an integral part of the team.



The Gronk always gives a great performance. He is one of the best out there. Just yesterday against the Falcons he was great help for the Patriots.


Gronkowski is a beast definitely the top of the list. Well done.


Kelce is a great tight end too. He has proven himself with the Chiefs.


Gronk is the man all the way. He is the best out there.


Kelce is very good for the Chiefs. He has done a lot for Kansas.


The Gronk is the best out there. I am a Vikings fan but I am still a fan of Gronkowski!!


Greg Olsen is good for the Panthers. He plays his part well.


The Gronk is one of the all time best. He always seems to shine in every play.

rebel D

The Gronk is my favorite player in the NFL league.