NFL and NCAA Football Picks and Predictions Nov 21-Nov 27, 2017

by tony.martinez on Nov 21, 2017

Time to get our picks in for week 12 in the NFL plus all the NCAA College Football.



Chargers vs Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day! Both teams almost have the same record. I predict the Cowboys will win this one 27 to 10.


The New Orleans Saints will take on the Rams. This will be a very good game. Favored to win are the
Rams: LAR -2.5 Total 53.5


My favorite part of Thanksgiving is the football games! Always some good ones.


I agree with you. The games on Turkey Day are the way to go.


I like the Cowboys to upset the Chargers on Thanksgiving day in a close game. Dak has a great game.


Dak is one of the best out there. In a few years he will be the number 1 QB.


Lions could upset the Vikings today outright. We have three good games today starting very soon. Enjoy!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Vikings really digging in in this game. Stafford can't get it going. Looking like a rollover early.


Miami Hurricanes lost yesterday. It was great game but Pittsburgh just played much better. Final score 24 to 14.


UCF over South Florida was a great game. 49 to 42 final score.


Auburn beats Alabama 26 to 14. Alabama looses its stride.


Ohio State takes over Michigan. 31 to 20 was the final score. It was a great game.


Patriots and Dolphins tomorrow. New England should have an easy game. Favored to win are the Patriots.
NE -16.5 Total 48


Chiefs vs Bills will be a good game. Bills are 2nd place in their division. Chiefs are favored to win: KC -9.5 Total 45
My prediction is bills 35 Chiefs 27.


Patriots running all over Miami. 21 to 10.


Bills over Chiefs 16 to 10. Waiting for the Steelers to take over the Packers.

rebel D

Packers are up 7 to 6. If they loose today they will not make the playoffs. Steelers have this game for sure.


Packers still holding on to the lead. 14 to 6. Its turning out to be a good game.


Rams took over the Saints 26 to 20 was the final score. It was a very good game at the end the Rams got the game.


The game last night was a great game. Packers almost won the game but it was not meant to be. Steelers were not playing how they usually do.
Final score was 31 to 28.


Monday Night Football will bring us the Ravens vs Texans. Both teams are average in their division. Favored to win are the Ravens. BAL -7 Total 38 My prediction is Ravens 41 Texans 20.