NFL 2018 Week 4 of 17

The NFL is pretty interesting this season! Lets get our picks in for week 4!

by Playbetr on Sep 25, 2018



Let's get going on week 4. Patriots really do suck this year!!! I still believe in them. Against the Dolphins its going to be a game. Go Patriots. Patriots win 35 to 10.


Patriots are not doing good at all. Poor Tom Brady he must be awake all night thinking about the games he lost. They face with the Dolphins this week. I will give this one to the Dolphins. My prediction is Dolphins 35 Patriots 27.


ITs not over for the Patriots they will comeback and win the SB.


Vikings vs Rams on Thursday Night Football. I think the Rams have this one. LAR -6.5 Total 49


Rams are on a roll and I don't think the Vikings can get in on their territory. Rams are one of the greatest teams out there.


Rams did it 38 to 31 was the final score. It was a great game either team could have won.


The LIons destroyed the Patriots will they do the same thing to the Cowboys? I think not. I think the Cowboys will win 35 to 21 we shall wait and see.


Dolphins who are 3-0 meet up with the Patriots on Sunday. I think the Patriots need to be careful. I think the Dolphins will win this one 27 to 17.

rebel D

Patriots will make a comeback this Sunday. I think they will win 45 to 17.


I think the Cowboys have a chance too. All they need is for Dak to play like he did the first year. They will take over. I pick them for Sunday. I think they score will be 27 to 14 against the Lions.